I know it’s love when,

Whenever we fight and I get mad, he lowers his voice 
and explains to me calmly. He understands me rather 
than to point out my mistakes. He knows how sensitive 
I am that’s why he makes sure that everything will go 
well between us. He always tell me that he loves me 
and he would rather lose an argument than to lose me. 
I guess that’s one reason why we love each other so 
much. One time he told me,

“There is forever”. 

I said what?

“When people choose to stick around no matter how 
their relationship gets crazy, that’s forever. When the 
only thing that could separate them is their last breath. 
And I have seen a lot of old couples in love. That 
“forever” word is not invented for nothing”. 

'He' that I mentioned above is my future Zauj :)
#TillJannah :3

keys off ~
as.da.name.given :)