*if it can harms you :3

Have you ever experienced this kind of feeling? I'm sure you have gone through this so-called damn
feeling. Hell yeah, I am facing it right now. I'm not really good in English. I'm trying to improve myself
now. So, because of that reason, this entry gonna be in two languages which are Malay and English. 

Ok readers, talking about friendship stuff, this feeling is kinda familiar with all of us. Ignorance. Such
a nice pronounciation, but the meaning is 'something'. Well, bila aku cakap pasal kawan, my heart will 
drops. Serta-merta. And sometimes, my tears will come out, unintentionally. Bagi aku, kawan boleh 
buat kita bahagia sampai kita lupa everything. But, we tend to forget that friend also can bring us down.

I am growing up now. You might callled me immatured. Yes, I am still a girl that cried because of small
things. Seriously. But yeah, I am realize now that there is only a few of them who we can called 'real
friends'. I repeat, JUST A FEW. I wanna tell you, 'real friends' ialah orang yang takkan ketepikan kau 
langsung walaupun dia still boleh buat macam tu. People, please appreciate you friendship. Appreciate 
the persons that loved you. Sementara mereka masih ada, sayangi mereka. Bila dah terlambat nanti,
baru nak menyesal. Time tu, dah tak guna sayang. Actually, ignorance ni ada baik, ada buruk. 
Sebagai manusia, we should know that. Ok people :')

So yeah, I provide some quotes about 'Ignorance'. Read and heed :)

"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere 
ignorance and conscientious stupidity."

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

"To succeed in life, you need two things :
ignorance and confidence."

-Mark Twain

"Real knowledge is to know the extent of
one's ignorance."


"You should be happy. 
Sometimes, ignorance is a bliss." 

keys off~
as.da.name.given :)