I try to be nice with you. Indeed.

*I always ask this to myself. Hmm :|

Sometimes I think that there’s something wrong with me ‘cause people 
keep on leaving me behind. I mean, what’s the deal? I’m being nice with 
you, I keep on attending to your needs, I accompany you everywhere when 
you want me to. Then you will just leave me in return? To tell you the truth, 
I was expecting that you would stay with me and be my friend for eternity, 
because someone told me that if I would be nice to people, they would also 
be nice to me. But that’s wrong. One way or another, people are gonna 
screw you whenever, wherever. They would stab you in the back whenever 
they feel like it. People are mean. Some people are just plain bastards. 
Maybe that's the price I need to pay for being too nice.

keys off ~
as.da.name.given :)