Begged for love?

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Been there , done that .

Your past love ? Yeah , I was stupid to beg him to come back to me . I thought 
it was the end the world , thought I would never move on ‘cause I was still a kid 
back then . I told him “Please don’t leave me like this”He did leave me . He never 
hesitated to set me aside and find somebody else . I was really broken , I don’t know 
what to do . I was so hurt . 

I feel like I losing everything . I gave him all my heart but he play with it . Because
of him , I forget that I have Allah SWT . Astagfirullah . I love someone else until
I became a bad slave towards Allah .

But Alhamdulillah , 
A month passed and everything went better . When I look back on the times I
have begged for love , I was disgusted . I was like “WTH ? I did that ? I
can live without you moda fackaa !”.  

LessonNever beg for love . It never works . If he loves you then he won’t let
you beg for anything . If he leaves you , then let him.  Go get your life heartbreaker .
You are gonna be okay , in time .

Oh ya , ‘something sweet’ to my EX-BOYFRIENDS :
“I have move on . My life was so blessed now . You might be really jealous to me ,
right ? And now , I have someone who is zillion times BETTER than you . Aww , I’m
smiling now , baby . Thank you for leaving me . At least , I’m not being with a HOT-
TEMPERED person like you :’)

keys off ~ :)