Speak when you are angry and it will be the 
best speech you will ever forget .

I'm maybe have a fragile heart .
I'm maybe loose myself easily .
I'm maybe cried often to some little things .
I'm maybe a loser when it comes to being the best .
But one thing you should know ,
I can be your WORST nightmare .

Now I'm putting myself at a distance .
Yes , I am trying to keep calm and patient .
With all those torment and irritating words you threw at me ,
Do you think I'm strong enough to take it as a jokes ?

Well , think again .
I'm not an Angel , I'm not a doll that you can make fun of .
I'm not a kind of statue that you can throw anything at me .
I ain't perfect but I have heart too you know .

I'm not a person that you can judge and make fun of me 
all the time .
No , I'm different .
Call me a loser , I am maybe .
But that doesn't change anything .
Don't fooled me around .
Don't make me be your worst nightmare .

P/S : As much as I hate you , I still didn't give a damn about 
what you said about me and I forced myself to stop hating you .

So please , appreciate me for who I am . Okay ?
Unless you rather see me dying .

So ,

Wallahualam . Phffft .

keys off ~ :)