You Pretend To Be Someone Else.

*picture taken from Google .

Are you happy about yourself ? Pretending to be someone else 
just to fit in ? Just to go with the flow with your friends ? I don’t 
get it . Maybe people are naturally like that . They don’t want to 
express themselves . They don’t want to show their uniqueness 
but instead , they go with the trend they are not comfortable with . 

It’s just like buying clothes . You are not that girly as others are 
and there comes a time when the trend of the month would be 
skirts . Wanting to fit in , you had force yourself to wear skirts 
rather than wear jeans where you are comfy with . Maybe those 
who are around you would be happy on what they are seeing , 
but you yourself is not . Do you like to fit in ? Even if you are not 
comfortable of fitting in ? 

Those teenagers who think they are so freaking cool because they 
drink and smoke ? No . BIG NO . They are not cool . Cool people 
are those who excel in various “good” activities such as school 
works , sports , entertainment and many more . Or just the simple 
thing of being themselves , being a good citizen by their simple 
works . Showing good manners to others . Respect others . Yes . 
That is cool .

Like here , on social networking sites . There comes a time when 
people are bashing one person , and in order to put yourself in , 
you had also bash that person even if you are not grudging against 
him/her . Do you think that’s right ? No . That’s not it .

You are not here to trend with others . You were born to stand out . 
Everyone of us is unique in their own little ways . And if you are not 
comfy on what they are doing , then don’t mind them ! Do your own 
thing . At least you are happy right ? Cling on what you want , cause 
standing on other’s shadow would make you not you .

Remember this ; 


keys off ~ :)