Breaking the damp.

#I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace sedang berdentum 
di telinga saat ini . Selewat jam 11.41 malam aku sudah elok terpacak 
depan laptop ni haa . *Haha takdak la lewat mana pun . Tadi sewaktu 
menekan butang NEW POST , idea banyak jugak jatuh gedebuk bagai nak 
rak . Lepas tu bila dah on , phfft hilang terus =.='
Now I am currently addicted to quotes , The Secrets , wisdom of 
inspiration , poetry and yang bersangkut-paut . Gah boleh mati lemas 
tanpa air kalau macam ni gayanya . Like the quote saying, 'Compete . 
Don't envy' . So yeah , I'm doing . Mostly I had get inspired by Hlovate 
yes the only one . To the readers outside there yang tak pernah terbaca 
pun any novels by her - I would say you are lost . Ha-ha . Lol no seriously . 
No hard feelings , okay ? :D

But seriously , [entah berapa kali nak ulang benda yang sama] Allah macam 
turunkan dia untuk beri inspirasi dan buka hati aku untuk berubah . Kalau tak 
berubah mana pun , at least buat kita tersedar , tak gitu ?

P/S : I want to change because of Allah SWT . Not because of people want me
to do so :)

Enjoy this quote taken from The Secrets ;-
What most people don't understand is that a thought 
has a frequency . We can measure a thought . And so 
if you are thinking the thought over and over again , if 
you are imagining in your mind having that brand new car , 
having the money you need , building that company , 
finding your soul mate , if you are imagining what that 
looks like , you are emitting that frequency on a consistent 
basis. -John Assaraf

Read . Understand . Heed . InsyaAllah :)

keys off ~ :)