When you least expect , something great 

might come along. Something better than 

you even planned for.

If you want to avoid disappointments , expect less . As a person , 
I think of the worst happenings first , before the good ones . When 
it happens , it won’t shock or hurt me anymore . Sometimes when 
you are good at one thing , people tend to expect more from you . 
Like everything you do “NEEDS” to be stronger and stronger 
each time . They think that it’s easy for you to do such things but 
the little they know , it’s already pressuring you to push yourself 
more and more just to please them . 

Parents expect high from their children . When the child doesn’t 
meet their expectations , they tend to compare their child to 
other children . And it hurts for the child to hear such things . 
Even if the point of being compared is to challenge the child , it 
doesn’t come out that way . It would only hurt their feelings . 
My parents always compare me to other kids , and I was thinking , 
they should just support me rather than rubbing it to my face 
that they are better and I am useless . Anyway , I just hate being 
compared and put into high expectations . 

I believe that when you expect less , good things come out from it .

So , in conclusion ,

keys off ~
as.da.name.given :)