Tired of living ? Or you are just tired of waiting for nothing , 
tired of understanding your backstabbing friends , tired of 
defending yourself from the odds , tired of impressing your 
family , tired of looking good for others and so much more .

Life can be simple to people who keeps on being optimistic , 
hard for those who keep the pain inside . Hard for those who 
think it’s the end . Some took their lives because of being tired . 

Every one of us is facing a big battle within our lives . Some 
face financial problems , while others face pressure , 
disagreement and yeah , love problems . Some waste their lives 
hating on people , while other suffer from being bullied and 
stranded on one side of the society . Problems can’t be gone . 
Cause every time you move , there’s a reaction being done . 
People’s opinions are always there , whether you do or you 
don’t do a certain thing . Everyone has problems . It’s just up to 
them how to face them all , with or without companion .

If you move , you will get criticized . If you don’t move , 
you will get criticized . That’s how it works in this society . 
Some taking advantages on people who are weak to notice . 
Some act smart to prove themselves . Some act dumb to avoid 
arguments .

People’s personalities are never the same . They are all 
different . They are all tired . But what keeps them going is 
their inspiration . Their family , their love ones . They exist for 
others and for themselves . 

This is the reality of life . Open your eyes and look at the brighter 
side cause if you don’t , you will end up nothing . You will think of 
how you will end your life . You will feel desperate and ashamed 
to go out . Live this short life . There is nothing more to it , just 
choose your way to happiness .

keys off ~
as.da.name.given :)