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OH wow , I mean , break ups are hard , painful and unforgettable 
Especially if it’s the first time someone broke your heart , oh man , I 
promise you that will hurt , A LOT . And you know , it’s okay to cry 
cause we are just humans and we get hurt .

You know , wherever you go , there will always be that one thing you 
see that makes you remember about that someone . And that’s just 
normal cause you are still in the process of accepting that you two have 
already parted ways so that you just have to stand strong even if you are 
hurting really bad , but don’t you ever do something stupid because girl , 
you are going to be alright . It just takes time to get over someone you 
have loved for long period of time . 

And if somehow that guy broke your heart by cheating or making lies , 
don’t view him as an ex . View him as an asshole . You know at first , 
after the break up , you are willing to look over the mistakes your partner 
have done because you love him and you don’t want to part ways but 
“begging” for that asshole to get back with you despite the fact that 
he cheated , well that’s a BIG NO 

You know , you are still in your happy days , you are a teenager . You 
should be having fun . And the thing is , Don’t you ever depend your 
happiness to a person because happiness comes from within . Not 
from men . And if you think that the only happiness you have is being 
with him , when he leaves you , YOU WILL BE DESPERATE AND 
You should be happy about yourself . 

And always remember that YOU ARE GONNA BE ALRIGHT . It just takes 
time to heal . You just cry yourself until you feel better . Go out with your 
friends . Blogwalking here on Blogger , why you love yourself , what activities 
you do and make sure you are posting about happy things . 

Okay ? Keep in mind , you gonna be okay :)

keys off ~ :)