Some people are really good at butting in to other’s lives . 
I don’t get why others look at you as if you should be perfect 
all the time . They acknowledge your good works but most 
of all , they look at the smallest mistakes you do and make it 
a big deal to blabber to everyone . I don’t get why people 
want to mess around with others . 

Don’t you like it when you concentrate on your life and make 
it better rather than, concentrating on mine and trying to ruin 
ones reputation ? Get a life . 

One phrase for these kinds of people ? 
See these ;

Aww , this is damnnnn harsh . Sorry , I have to cut it off in order to take 
care of others' feeling :P

Listen to this captain pretttaayyy pleaseee :')

Yes . Minding your own business will make them happy .
Haha maybe . Who's know right :D 
Don't be such a noisy parker okay :')

Please avoid this from happen . If you are wrong , admit it . 
Ask for forgiveness . This is for your good sake :')

keys off ~ :)