Based on my observations. 

The colorful follower : All he/she wants to see are colorful posts . 
Photo posts , typos , things that attracts the eyes . Then if he/she 
sees that you post something long like a text posts , he/she will 
unfollow .

The bookworm : I like this kind of follower . The reader . The person 
who reads everything you posts . The person who states something 
informative after he/she reads your blog . He/she will share his/her 
knowledge related to yours . CLAP ! 

The humor follower : Everything is funny . Every posts will have a 
his/her comment “HAHAHHAHA” . Always on a happy mood . I like 
these kinds of followers . 

The Hater Follower : This probably are the person who followed 
you just to criticize everything you post . He/she contradicts 
everything . The unknown hater . Always used Anonymous as his/her
pen name . The “you are so ugly” person . 

The Inspired followers : He/she followed you because of your ideas 
and sometimes , they don’t necessarily copy your ideas but they get 
inspired writing their own posts because of yours . I do love this 
followers damn much . Awww , I heart yu ollssss ! :D

So which one are you ? 
I’m a bookworm .
Haha might be :)

keys off ~ :)