A tale never exist.

Tak tahu nak cakap apa dah . Semua perasaan bercampur baur .
Yes people , I'm losing HER . One of the very important person in 
my life . She used to be my inspiration , listener , gossip-gal , 
advicer , my everything . But it looks like I'm losing everything .

Siapa TAK sedih kalau makin jauh dengan orang yang kita anggap 
macam kawan baik sendiri ?

I used to it . Been there , done that .
I would go anywhere , faking a smile , faking laughters , act like 
everything IS okay . And then I would screwed myself .

I'm facing the biggest challenge of my life --> finding my souls. 
[which maybe took about 100 000 billion years to figure myself out , ey ?]
And now , I'm losing my
 best friend .

Entah la tak tahu nak kata apa lagi . Eventhough we are still giggling , 
talking to each other but I know , there is something . Something that 
I know that I won't used to it , even it takes forevah .

Tapi kali ini agak sedikit pelik . I'm not that broken heart , or down .
I guess sebab dah pernah melaluinya kot .
Maybe .
 Used to it , been there done that .

Tak apalah . I just don't give a damn about my feelings
Let her choose her path all by herself .
Hands down .

Beyond all , 

keys off ~
as.da.name.given :)