I Love you (:

When I decided to accept you , my head keep wonder if we can 
be happy together . I can't stop thinking how about journey , how 
we can meet up ? Are you can be a loyal person ? If you can love 
me and accept me whatever I am . Half year has gone but you still 
the same . The feeling still the same . If one day something will 
happen , please read my blog to reminds all the moment we had 
done . It's awesome you know . Did you know you make my day 
everyday ? You make me smile , you pamper me well and you make 
me feel I'm the lucky girl in this world . No words can describe how 
happy I am :)

Syukran to Allah for all happiness that we got . 
May God bless us forever and ever . Amin .

P/S : Little sister , you are so young to madly in love . What I have 
learn in my love life : "Please think twice before you accept someone . 
LOVE is not just I love you and you love me . Allah will meet you to 
the wrong person before you get the right one . I'm not here to show 
off what I get . But to make you realize your life have a long journey . 
Your life not for love only . Dont love for life . It's stupid . Balance it . 
LOVE ALLAH first and ALLAH will show you what is love :)

Happy Love Day everyone . May Allah bless you :)

keys off ~
as.da.name.given :)