Aku selalu tertanya tanya macam mana sesetengah manusia tu boleh
jadi sangat baik sangat mulia depan seseorang dan tiba tiba di belakang
mengata bukan bukan cebik sana cebik sini tentang orang yang kononnya 
dia baikkan sangat tadi. depan kita kemain lagi puji puja mulut manis tepuk 
tampar . Belakang kita habis segala benda yang tak berkenaan dengan dia 
pun sibuk nak pergi jaja kat orang lain . FUNNY . Don't you have anything 
better to do ? Plastik .

Judging people is easy , dear . But remember , there is always a reason behind 
every single thing that everyone does . You might think you know her all your life 
but you probably got it wrong because no one knows exactly what other people 
have been through . So next time before you judge people , think . Try putting 
yourself into their shoes . Perhaps , that way you may look at things differently . 
=) or better yet , mind your own thing . Atau apa kata asal kau nak mengata 
orang je kau bawak berzikir banyak banyak . Takpe , tak payah bawak tasbih ke 
mana mana pun . Jari ada , sila guna .

Macam ni lah , aku tak nak cakap pasal orang lain . Mari cakap pasal aku sendiri . 
Kalau kau tak puas hati , pick up the courage and tell it straight to my face . Tak 
payah main cakap cakap belakang . Aku memang kuat makan tapi aku tak makan 
orang . Lagi lagi orang mulut busuk macam kau . I don't even know if I could stand 
a minute hearing what you want to say because well , your mouth stinks . Same 
does to your heart . But let us give it a try . I can wear a face mask if I had to . I 
have plenty , no worries . 

I would rather have a few REAL friends than having a lot of FAKE friends who 
befriending me just to stab me in the back .

Hey , I may look like a shallow dumby little girl who always plays around and jokes 
a lot . But I'm not stupid . I can tell if they are the real friends . I know exactly the 
friends I can trust and the ones I cannot . I don't open up much . We may be talking 
for hours lepaking every single day and sharing a lot of things , but still , you have 
no idea who I really am .

I can be a good friend , who lending her ears listening to all you problems whenever 
and wherever you need me . But I also can be a real pain in the ass if you want me to .

Hey plastic just so you know , I'm good at playing games . WATCH ME :D

keys off ~ :)