Day out with him 

Come on fellas , let me tell you something . Yesterday was 
a blissful day . And yeah , I am very happy . Yesterday would 
be my best day ever in my life !

I was hang out with my soulmate :)

And sorry ya , I don't have any pictures to show to all of you .
Because I'm already keep it in my heart :D

Yesterday , we went to Mines and we were watching a movie 
which is :

I remembered a cute little words in this movie ;

"Cinta tu pelik . Kadang kadang mai secara mengejut . 
Pi pon secara mengejut."

"Siapa kata KLCC tak boleh bersatu dengan 
sawah padi."

After that , we were walking around , took our lunch at Popeye . 
What I love about him that he was very romantic ! Awww , he was
so sweeettttt ! He was gave me a big surprise and I was 
speechless -____-

Here was a big surprise ;

Aww , thanks a lot dear ! I love it sooo much . And yeah , I terharu
sangat tau you sanggup bagi semua ni . *haha , mesti korang cakap aku
gedik kan ? haha , a big LOL . blog aku weyh , suka hati ah ! grr >.<

Frankly , I was happy with him 

keys off ~ :)