Yeah , this is me.

I get hurt easily . Almost too easily . It's funny , you know ? 
It's funny how I can fall so quickly for someone , just because
they show me a little bit of kindness . But I guess I can blame
that on the fact that life has never been very kind to me . I 
suppose I need it from other people , and when I get it , I have
a hard time letting it go . I like feeling loved . Who doesn't ? 
Tell me . I will slap him/her . Huh -.- I just wish I wouldn't keep
hurting myself . I mean , I'm not doing it on purpose , but when 
you get hurt as easily as I do , you either give up on love 
completely...or fight harder than before . Maybe if I give up ,
I won't get hurt . Maybe if I fight harder , I will finally find the 
one who won't let me be hurt anymore .

Please be careful , I'm fragile .

keys off ~ :)