Kegilaan Kami. 

Let the pictures tell the way I feel now .

*pictures credit to me and him !

You makeeee my day :)
Skype-ing with him make me crazyyyy . Haha plus I'm happy .
He cool . 
He treat me nicely .
He never condemn me .
He accept me the way I am .
He never fail to put a smile on my face . *see , I'm smiling , right ? :D
He understand about all the struggle I am in . 
He make me feel good and I always have faith in him . 
I love that he confide in me with everything , and vice versa .

 To him : Thank you for the jokes that you crack in , you make
me put a cast of smiles . I love when we used to having late night 
talks till 4am , the way we crap into certain subject . 
Those wonderful moments . 
Thank you !

keys off ~ :)