So many scars and bruises

Sometimes you just want to put other people’s happiness before yours . Because you love them , because they deserve it . Sometimes you want to go out of your way for other people just because you know that it’s important that they get a chance to smile once in a while . Yes , you deserve it and why are you pushing your chance away . Stop living in denial . I'm done getting labeled everytime . So , I suggest you go and grab your chance before it's too late to turn back .

Don't worry , I'm not pretty at all . No guys will fall for me , trust me . So you should just stop being paranoid . I'm living my own life solo , independent . Don't worry about me falling in love with someone . Coz this heart is close . But instead look at yourself , how lucky you are . You are amazing , just the way you are (:

Ya Allah , please grant me the strength I need .
I need a new heart . Not this broken and heartless heart anymore .

keys off ~ :)