Wajar ke "Touching" dengan parents sendiri?

p/s : I am improving my Bahasa Melayu baku nowadays.

I was wondering, is it okay to get offended by your 
parents? If so, what is the most considerate thing to act?
I asked my Kakak Sedara, who is my second best listener 
when it comes to family matters. My FIRST best is my 
Abang but since it is weekdays, I supposed he has been 
to work. ALMOST everytime when it comes to family 
matters, I will speak to my Kakak Sedara (if I can't get 
my Abang). She would listen, I suppose, and try to be 
positive, in every single thing. Similar to what my Abang 
will do, but of course my Abang will make me burst into 
deep, silent tears. So, the question is, is it acceptable to 
feel that way? I know, OUR answer would be NO. Because 
by then, our parents have much more things they have to 
JUST keep up with us. Our patience and harbours are 
worthless compared to their sacrifice. And the words goes 
on and on. So, don't take to heart whats your parents advice 
or talk about. They are saying or doing something is for your 
own sake. Be nice to them. InshaAllah, Allah will bless your 
life :)

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as.da.name.given :)