My 100 Reasons.

Hundreds and a hundred reasons there were,
To not marry, and to no waver,
For they say, "Being alone  is serenity",
Apart from my girlfriend who just dumped me,

Lucky me to not marry her,
She is nothing, but a faker,
She thinks I care that she dumped me,
Well now I know she's never meant for me,

Life is queer, really queer,
To be married, life would be merrier,
Who are they to say I should marry?
In order for me to be happy,

They say marriage is a pleasure,
How can it be? It is I who measure,
But still I say, marriage is terrible for me,
For someone whose love is misery,

It's not that I have no desire,
For me to marry seems to get harder,
'Cause I have neither willing nor bravery,
And I don't want to live under slavery,

But, that was all before I saw 'her',
A lovely girl with a flower,
Who I wanted to marry so badly,
For now my life has changed completely,

I think it's time to confess to her,
And hoping, that she'll fall for me like I fell for her,
If she does shows interest in me,
Then the next thing she'll hear is,"Will you marry me?",

Now that we're married together,
I'll pray to God, that we'll live happily ever after,
Then in me, there'll be no more fury,
Together with those hundred reasons, I shall bury.