Acquaintance of Mine.
Hey guys, this is my masterpiece poem. Still so-called masterpiece, but yeah, 
this is my 3rd poem that I create by myself. Alhamdulillah. Thankful to Allah
for giving me an inspiration to write this poem. Please rectifying my grammar 
if there are mistakes that you found. Thank you for reading! And feel free to 
drop a comment :')

I can be your good master,
If you treat me like a boss,
I can also be your monster,
If you make ignorance like a bliss.

Friend, stop treating me badly,
Seriously, it is not cool at all,
It cannot make you live your life happily,
If in my heart, there is still a wall.

You can break that wall in my heart,
If I were still your precious princess,
And you know what?
Our friendship is not going to be endless.

Friend, our promise is "Bestfriend Forever",
But for me, you are my friend until Hereafter.

keys off ~ :)