Hey guys !
After 9 days I'm not updated my blog , now I am coming back ! :D

*Red carpet please .

Okay stop .
Move on to emotional conflict inside out . More to inside , I think . Currently 
my mood is unstable . My heart's beat racing sometimes , suddenly . I bet 
that's the devil making me unease . Urgh .

So If you had seen me unlike my usual behavior , it's because of...this 
kind-of-so-called-crisis I'm facing . I hate this butterflies feeling . It makes 
me numb and wanna cry . Can you just imagine , this month I'd already cried 
for quite of numbers ! See how baby-ish I am .

I know some people would labelled me as 'weird' , to be frank , well I'm quite 
offended but I tried to take it positively . They don't know anything at all . 
Sometimes I wish they knew so they would shut up and support me but I 
don't to make them feel like I'm taking them for granted . No .

But honestly ,
Having no friends is much more better than having bunch of fake best friends .
Me ? I like being alone on certain times . It depends .

Because it's like when we are facing problems , and we want to share with 
them , but on the other hand they have their problems too and in the end , 
we will fight to see who's problems is much more worst and I wouldn't get to 
share all the bullshits stuck in my head .
Get the picture ?

However , it would be so haven if we are talking to an android . Because they
are feelingless and lifeless . So If we spilled our milk to them , they would just 
listen and be quiet rather than replying nonsense like human does .

But Alhamdulillah , some of my best friends so far are the best listener . Though 
sometimes they are also can be my very worst enemies . Haha . Am I being too 
selfish for not letting them a chance to share their problems too ? :(

Sorry to say , but I am that .
Perhaps imma bad friend , ey ? Kill me , anytime .

Preparing myself for Ramadhan .
Less than a week !
Hope this Ramadhan can tribute la some pahala untuk masuk Jannah . 
Insya-Allah .

keys off ~ :)