2 Facts about Guy.

Almost 19 years I was living in this world , I can know 2 facts about
guy . 

Girls , FYI ; 

Not because that guy is talking to you always means he likes you .
~ Maybe the one he loves doesn’t have time for him so he is just looking 
for SPARE TYRES . And because he sees that you like him so much , 
he thought that you would be an easy target . Oh girl , you are a damn 
option .

    Not because he said he needs you doesn’t mean that HE REALLY 
    ~ He needs SOMETHING from you . And hell yeah , it's not you actually ! 
    So don’t get fooled . There are lots of users out there and if you doubt them , 
    then just stop hanging out with them , no one likes to be used .

    Okay enough . I just know 2 facts about guy . And I hope it can give a 
    reminder for all girl out there to be more careful and not easily trust a guy 
    even he was the closest person to you . Remember that ya .

    Till then . Take good care of your heart . One more thing , heart is not a 
    glass ; once broken , considered sold . 

    keys off ~
    as.da.name.given :)