Someone Changed.

For me there are three kinds of changes . First 
change is caused by the person’s environment . 
The way people treat him . The way he responds 
to his environment . See how a quiet person differ 
from the loud ones ? The quiets can’t join in because 
they are used listening to classical musics and things 
that go smoothly with their interest , while the loud 
people enjoys social trends and parties that go all 
night long . Our environment is a big deal to ones 
growth , attitude and personality . 

The second change is not really a change . It’s a 
change which occurs in the beholders eyes . It is 
you who doesn’t like the way she acts . That person 
didn’t change . It is you who can’t accept the 
fact that she’s like that . That’s why you tell a person 
that she changed it is because she doesn’t live the 
way you like . 

The third is that you really did not change , you are 
just being true to yourself . You are just becoming to 
be who you really are from the start . People may not 
understand but it’s you . They say that you change but 
the real thing is , you are just being yourself . Well , 
continue it . Be who you are . Cause nothing will make 
you happy but the love you give to yourself .

Anyway , change is constant . Live the way you like . It’s your life . Live the
best you can . Life is short . Live it . Love it 

keys off ~ :)