A piece of advices , maybe.

Don’t waste your time on someone 
who does not appreciate you the way 
you should be appreciated. Don’t ever 
settle for mediocrity , for being just an 
option, for being the one who is just 
fun to be with, for being the one who 
is always there desperately waiting , 
for mere concern or pity or for someone 
who likes you just because she/he knows 
she/he’s got the power to break you . 
Don’t settle because deep down , you 
know who you are and you know without 
a doubt that you deserve better if not 
the best .

entry was not related to picture . kthanksbye .

But , can someone be as romantic as Bruno Mars ? 
Prettayyyy pleasee :')

*Bye bye Penang . See you soon :D

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as.da.name.given :)