I am suffocating..!

"I can't breathe ! I am gasping for air , my heart wants to explode .
My tongue finds it hard to uttered simple sentences.."

I heard his voice after so long .
After 1 year and a half approximately .
I heard the tone of voice that I am longing for .
I feel like crying .
I feel like vomiting .
I feel like screaming .

It's TRUE ,
He doesn't even think of me at 4am like I do .
He doesn't stalk me like I do sometimes .
He doesn't care about me like I do .
He doesn't stuck in the reminisce like I do .
He doesn't listen to songs and think of me like I do .
He doesn't remember me like I do .
He regards me as his PAST .
I regard him as my only reason to live in the past .
Overall , he doesn't love me like I do .

Thus , IT HURTS .

The love we give away is the only love we keep .

We always like this before . But now , why I must hear your voice again after 
a long time ? Why must you ? It hurt me even more .

keys off ~
as.da.name.given :)