People change , and it's beyond our control and sometimes it's way too far from our expectation . Yeah it's true . No doubt . I have seen sooo much of it lately . Just in a blink of eye , a tick of nanosecond , everything wasn't the same like before . IDK , well , should have said it earlier . Should have known it better .

Most of the time . I didn't expect that things would go the other way around . Especially , he , the one that I know long before , one pious fellas , nice buddy and all stuffs had changed to a.. (sigh) . It feels like , that was the best decision ever made to leave him before . Well , I just hope he would come to his senses , and hope that it will never too late to get back to the righteous path again .

But thanks , I learnt a lot from him , the hard way . Well , that was the cost of a knowledge I guess . Anyways , I'm not going to trust something bloody stupid like puppy loves anyway , anymore . Words can be easily uttered , but things are easily said than done . I hate those kind of guys . I'm serious . I really am . I hate you . IDK . It made me realized , how stupid I was , waiting like I don't have any other thing to do . To think that for one second you actually cared , I was feeling so fool . It taught me , that this is not the right time to have that lovey dovey relationship . I was like a dumb . Thank you for teaching me this . Just so you know , I'm living . Still .

Don't ever come out with this three freaking hell words : 'forever and ever' in front of me . There's no such thing in life . I mean , how do you know that it would be forever and ever when the future is just full of uncertainties ? Just get the hell out of it . I don't buy words . Sorry .

"Sometimes I wish I were a little kid again, skinned knees are easier to fix than broken hearts."

sorry . I'm already forgot you :)