DUMPED , it's hurt right ?

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Come on fellas , let me give you some tips when you have been dumped .

First - Don't rebound :)

Give yourself plenty of time to heal from this break-up . Many people begin dating before they are really recovered . It is almost as if they get bored of the pain and the healing process , so they suddenly grab the next random person who happens to show a little kindness and BAM ! It’s a fantastic theory but it doesn’t always work that way .Try refrain from immediately trying to find someone to replace your EX and fill that void . Better to work through your pain fully before returning to the dating . While there is something to be said for rebound shags , they can sometimes do more harm than good . We have all heard “you can’t get over a man (or woman) until you get under another” . Don’t bet on it . Dating too soon often leads to comparisons to your EX , makes you feel lonelier than not dating did , and can actually set you back further , emotionally , than before you had started to date again . As much as we think this bright , sexy , intelligent person makes us feel so good , at the end of the day , they won’t really be able to fill this VOID in you . Only YOU can really make YOU happy . So the trick is to be happy within yourself before you start to date again .

Second - Don't listen to the negative self-talk

Once we have been dumped , there is a tendency slip into negative “self talk” and to worry about so many things : if we will ever be loved again , trust again or perhaps we worry we are too old , too fat , too dumb or too anything or to ever be happy and fulfilled again . That is highly unlikely , so relax ! Dispel thoughts like that immediately and replace them with positive affirmations of your own self worth . Remember , just because your EX may no longer find you desirable or want to be in a relationship with you , doesn’t mean that no one else ever will . It just means your EX doesn’t . So what ? You are still you . You are still whole , complete and perfect just as you are and it will do you good to keep reminding yourself of that .

Third - Do take charge of your life

Use your time to alone to focus on yourself and your own goals in life . You can take a course in cooking ,or pick up a new hobby – whatever you want . Travel the world , retrain for a new career or go for that promotion . Get up off the sofa as soon as you can . While some regrouping time is necessary , at some point you should try to get in yourself back in shape and back in the land of the living . The world is your oyster !

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