Rainbow, i need u .

I know it's a difficult journey . in this journey ,here are full of twists , full of challenges , and may be endless sorrow in some stops , but i have decided to choose this way, because i know it's necessary to taste its scene . Because i know that is the only way to get the true meaning of love . In this journey , i know may be sometimes in somewhere pain is waiting for me , but i'm not afraid that i will rather look at the suffering of the sweet figure , it's my fate , perhaps i have suffered a broken heart once , and it couldn't stop my way as well as in the future . Being in love sometimes there is a laughter , sometimes sadness will come , but i will be happy to enjoy its laughter and smile , and bravely face the sadness and pain .

I will wallow in the beautiful scenery on the way performing , listen to soft voice of happiness's breeze fondling , treasure the collection of sweet moments happening , grasp life in the bottom of my heart as the most memorable feel , with so much love for coping with and becoming matured . I know that on this way there has been stormy , windy or rainy , i know i perhaps will be walking over the mud , but i still want to go through this bumpy journey , because i know the more difficult the way i pass , the more beautiful result i get , and i have tried to step over it to enjoy a sunny one at the end . If there was a choice , i would like to walk on the way that's less sad , less painful , less disappointed and less tears , less separation , less criticism and less suspicion .

If there was a choice , i would like to walk on the way that's sweeter , truer , more understanding , more laughter , more tolerant , more patient , more respectful . But i know if all became well as much as i wish , then love would lose the charm of original . I know i cant control the process , can't predict the future , all i can do is to grasp , to cherish , to face , to give , to share and mostly , to enjoy. If life offers me a love that asks me go through the thorny path , i will still choose this path , because i have confidence that i will overcome all difficulties and know i would love to spend my feelings more than just some sweet moments , but a lifetime of happiness .

If i can't really go to the end , i'm still on its way , because i know it means it's not hope given up but i am still confident of love . I believe that who i love not in too far distance , i believe there are always people who know me , and i also understand that i firmly believe that people who have been waiting for my arrival , i'm sure that i'll be happy !

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