My Incomparable Mother.

*This poem was specially dedicated to my beloved mother.
Mak, adik buat poem ni untuk Mak. Mak kan suka baca 
blog adik. Hiks.

I learned about love from you,
Watching your caring ways,
I learned about joy from you,
In fun-filled yesterdays.

From you I learned forgiving,
Of faults both big and small,
I learned what I know about living,
From you, as you gave your life all.

The example you set is still with me,
I would never want any other,
I am thankful for all that you taught me,
And I am blessed to call you "Mother."

Thank you for all you have done,
You are a heaven-sent blessing to me.

You are the most beautiful person on this earth.
My best critic, yet my strongest supporter.
I love you!

keys off ~ :)