I called her Princess ;)

Name given, Arina Ayuni binti Mohd Zolbahrem. I knew her quite a long time. Since 2010. But this year, we are getting closer. So close until I share all my problems with her. Meet my baby girl, Arina Ayuni. 

Yuni, I adore you. I adore everything about you. You support me.
You accept me the way I am. You understand about all the struggles I am in. You make me feel good and I always have faith in you. And thank you for the jokes that you crack in, you make me put a cast of smiles. Those wonderful moments. Thank you!

Yuni, I love our unspoken bond, our incredible closeness that doesn't fade no matter how long I stay away from you. You are the other half of me in ways I can't even explain. 

Yuni, I love the way you understand me, get me, without even having to speak to me. I love the way we clicked so fast. The way we make each other think. I love how you push me to be the best that I can be. I love that you confide in me with everything, and vice versa. I love when I feel as if you are reading every single part of me. Just me. I love the way you understand my feelings. Thanks miss. I will treasure that :)

Yuni, you never judge me, and I never feel embarrassed to tell you anything. You are my good listener. I love the way you believe in me, have always believed in me, even from the very beginning. Thank you for making me laugh and smile everyday. I love that our friendship has actually been more through phone calls than physical hang outs. I love the way our personalities compliment each other and how well we work together. Thank you for always being there with me especially through my hard times.

The strength, the words you comfort me, I appreciate them.
You are strong. You keep me going.

I love you.

"The one who stays with me at the worst times, 
deserve to be with me at my best times. 
I never said the ride would be easy, 
just worth it."

*thank you Yuni bagi ambil gambar untuk letak dalam blog. hiks ;)

keys off ~
as.da.name.given :)