I easily burst in anger.

I don’t open up to people . When I feel something like pain , 
sorrow or anger , I just keep it inside because I don’t want to 
burden other people . I don’t want them to know that I’m weak 
at these things . Besides , they won’t understand me ‘cause 
they aren’t in my place , it’s just a waste of time . I don’t want 
them to worry about me . I want them to see what they want 
to see in me so they will be happy whenever they are around me . 

When I’m sad , I just tell myself that this would all go away later . 
An hour , a day , a week after . But no... It’s here . It doesn’t go 
away . That’s why when something hurts me , I burst out 
Everything that I have been keeping inside bursts like I could punch 
somebody right in the face . In that case, I can be calm . Somehow 
I feel something inside me that went away . It made a lot of space 
in my chest . It’s just my way to calm myself . Yes , sometimes 
can’t control myself . The only thing that would keep me from doing 
things right is my impulsiveness .

Sometimes , I just wish that I wouldn’t care for anyone . They 
abuse me in some way when they see that they got a hold of me . 
I just wish this would all go away . The more you care , the more 
it hurts . And it sucks . Sometimes , it isn’t worth it at all . I give 
them more than they deserve .

Life ,
life is fucking hard at times .

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as.da.name.given :)