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There are a lot of people who do not realize how important loyalty is .

I am very careful on picking friends . Why ? Because I know that if I treat 
someone my best friend , I will tell them almost everything and if that 
person isn’t trust worthy,  she could stab my back anytime . And sometimes , 
when you have a best friend that best friend of yours has her own best 
friend too , right ? We don’t know for sure , but there is a 60% that she is 
telling her own best friend what you are sharing to her because that’s how 
people go now a days . 

My point here is when you choose a best friend , make sure that she is 
also treating you as her only best friend . No other people connected , 
or no other to be called a best friend aside from you . Just to make sure that 
what you are sharing is privately taken care by her . 

keys off ~ :)