Just saying .
Well , 2 weeks from now is my mid term examinations . 
Dang it I know . Like , what the heck you are blogging 
now ? Yeah . But I just couldn't help this one .

I don't know if there were lots of thing that I wronged . 
I don't know if you are trying my patience or something . 
But I do hope things will get back to normal after this .

Well , I just don't have that courage to ask you , but I can 
see in your eyes , your face tells , your ignorance had 
successfully turned me down . Again , what did I wronged ? 
Am wondering days and nights since you have been so cold 
to me . Maybe some words that wrongly uttered by me , or 
some actions that couldn't pleased or some jokes you 
couldn't accept ?

You , I described you as my best friend in my mock daily 
speaking (yeah , funny) but it really came out from my mouth . 
The moment teacher asked about best friend , the only thought 
that popped out from my mind is you . I just don't know why .

Being ignored , is the final screw-you . I tried to be mad , to be 
ignorant too , but it just doesn't work for me . Maybe it's true 
that , we can't forever get mad with the people we love .

I will try to be a normal me , in front of you . Even if it hurts the 
hell out of me .

keys off ~ :)