If you think this post will talk about girlfriend/boyfriend 
relationship , NO . I am talking about friendship .

Did you ever experience the time when you had a cold 
war with one of your friends ? Like , you are not angry 
with him/her instead , you are just feeling so awkward 
having him/her around . It’s just like , there is something 
wrong between you two and you just don’t seem to have 
that urge to fix it . You just let it be . Talk to me or not , 
I really don’t care . I don’t really know why but I feel so 
okay without you . I mean , those years of friendship we 
have shared , it just doesn’t appear before me now . I felt 
the change . I felt the need to move on . I just don’t feel 
like reviving our lost friendship .

I really think that my feelings for our friendship died last 
week . Like , it doesn’t exist .

Oh well , feelings die , people change , the world revolves , 
life goes on with or without you .

keys off ~
as.da.name.given :)