That one time when you got into a trouble and that 
friend of yours is the one who told everyone about 
what you did ? Still , she calls herself your friend ? Bitch 
please . In my opinion , friends are supposed to be the 
ones who are protecting you when you get into fights . 
They should be the one defending you when you’re facing 
a difficult quest.

You are a fake friend . You are not there for them 
because they need it . You are there because you are 
curious about what’s happening . You think you are 
popular because you can state to everyone the latest 
news on campus , girl think again . They talk to you 
because they also wanna know , they don’t treat you as 
a friend , they treat you as a newscaster . Nobody would 
trust you because they know that you are the number 
one gossip girl in town . Haha . Bitch . *opss sorry for using
this word again *

Isn’t hurtful to hear something bad about you that came 
from a person you trust so much ? You get broken and the 
next thing you know , you won’t trust anyone again but 
yourself .

Telling things to your best friend is good , but not all . 
Keep a mystery that only you can answer because 
sometimes , best friends become worst enemies 
because they know everything about you and they 
can wreck you in a click . *keep this words in your mind :)

All these quotes are for you , FAKE FRIEND ;

* picture taken from Google :)

Good job , Fake Friend !
Keep being 'THIS' person .
I still love you . Err ? Big EUUWW :P

keys off ~