Where are you ?

Have you ever missed someone so much that sometimes it 
bring tears in your eyes ? Having the thought of that someone 
to stay for a long time but then he left you unexpectedly ? He 
left a big crack in your hearts . Doesn’t seem to heal even if 
you crossed a year without any sign of him . Hoping that 
someday he will talk to you again and ask how you have been . 

Hoping but never anymore expecting cause you are already in 
your worst state of missing . Checking your emails and wishing 
that the moment you open it you will see his name . You will see 
the subject stating “I miss you” . Too bad it only happens in your 
mind . You are only imagining things . You are only wishing for 
that to happen . 

Break it to you gently but that guy you are looking for doesn’t want 
to be found . Put in mind that if he wants you too , do you think he 
will make you miss him that much ? Wake up , move on . Never saying 
to forget him but telling you that make it a good memory . A memory 
of that someone who once made you smile . Haha . Maybe .

By the way , it's NOT my THIRD loveee .
Because , it already became a nightmare in my life :P


keys off ~
as.da.name.given :)