It’s funny how I’m good at giving advice
to others , but when it comes to helping 
myself , I don’t know what to do.

So maybe that’s why I keep silent . I don’t want to talk about myself 
to others . I don’t really like opening up . I don’t want people questioning 
me about my past experiences cause that’s supposed to be buried already 
right . I mean , If I talk to you , just talk about the present stuff happening 
and don’t ever question about my life , cause if you would just attach 
yourself to me , maybe you would know why I became like this . I’m really 
good at giving advice to others maybe because I know how it works , and 
I know how to bring them up . Or give them hope about everything . Saying 
positive stuff even when they are facing a very hard situation at the moment . 
But when it comes to myself , I really don’t know . 

Kbye :\

keys off ~ :)