F.Y.I ,

Hey , I got this from my fb inbox . This morning . And I was shocked . Then spontaneously I'm just like ; LOL . It's funny okay . It was a msg from a friend . An old friend . First time ever I got that kind of weird msg . Here this msg :
"...Kau memang baik pun , just macam lelaki..."

I am an open-minded person . So, I don't care much about what others say about me . But this statement , somehow err err touched my heart . It did bother me .

Well , I admit it . I was like that back then in my secondary school days . And I didn't know why I was so not polite when talking , why I acted like a boy , pretended to be tough like a boy , ganas dan sebagainya . Seriously , I didn't know dude .

Then , all praises to Allah . When I was a little bit matured , somehow had changed me a bit . I'm not that impolite when talking , I learnt to be a good girl there . I cried a lot , yeah what a waste of tears . But it worth . The experiences that i have gone through somehow made me a better person . The sweet and sour of life , made me a good girl .

For Your Information dude ,

nuff said . T_____T

keys off ~
as.da.name.given :)