Who I would like to meet

Friday , January 21, 2011
Who i would like to meet
Current mood: happy
Category: Dreams and the Supernatura

A guy who will listen to my ploblems .

Accept me the way i am .

Call me during the night and bother me .

Make me laugh if im not smiling for more than 10 minutes .

Laugh at all my retard jokes .

Hug me for no reason .

Tell me that im wrong .

Protect me .

Talk to me about important things .

Trustworthy .

Love my jokes .

Won't talk about me behind my back .

Let me have my space .

Understand me .

Know how to make everything better .

A guy i wouldnt mind spending 24hours a day with .

A guy that 7 years from now i can see myself with .

A guy who never let me down .

A guy who love me and i completely love him .

Basically , i would like to meet a guy who will be my best guy , nothing more , nothing less .

keys off ~
as.da.name.given :)