Out !! 


Finally it's out into the open sky.

I met him .
And he told me eeeeeeeeeeeverything .
And he asked me to forget him .
Yes . He did .
After 5 years + of happiness and a little bit of sadness .
It ends just like that .
He's WITH someone else . [ WITH MY BESHTIES !! ]
Yes . It is a load full of shitness .
Haha .
I cried as if my eyes were filled with the water from the South 
China Sea when I know it..

And I have decided .
I will let him go .
Maybe he will be happy with his NEW GIRLFRIEND .
Maybe he is not meant to be with an immature girl like me .
I bet his parents opposed the thought of him with me .

I'm strong .
I think I'm strong enough .
But it takes a seriously looooooooong time for me to heal
this wounded shredded heart of mine .
It hurts waking up to the world
with no one greeting you
good morning sunshine
like used to do..

It's hard to face a situation
where he will always tell me ;
( Care for nobody . You are the queen of yourself ) .

Hopefully you will always be happy with her .
Don't forget to invite me to your WEDDING soon :)

keys off ~
as.da.name.given :)