Notes for YOU :)

Is there any paper stuck behind my head
saying ;


No ? Yes ? *sigh*

But then , again...
I know where i stand...
I thought by being nice to others ,
they will treat you almost the same .
at least CLOSE .
*long silence*

But , sheet !
I'm hating the fact that i always be the one who would 
listen to you ,
The one who always making you laugh like crazyyy ,
Brightened up your day ,
Wipe away your sorrow ,

While ,
I'm the one who needs to let things out ,
The one who have been surrounded with tears ,
One whom her day is gloomy ,
And need a sunshine ~

I try and smile again today ,
So you will smile ,
That person just constantly make you cry ,
So i wanna make you smile however i can ,
I'm in love by myself ,
For me it's so hard , i can't bear it ,
But because you crying is worse to me than dying ,
I smile again for you today...

I love you , because i love you ,
Because if you just exist , i'm happy ,
Though my heart aches ,
I try and smile again...
Like a person giving smiles ,
Like a person with no sadness ,
I try and cry silently behind your back again .  
Though it's tough enough to kill me ,
Though it hurts like crazy ,
I smile .

keys off ~ :)