My Classmates to GOOD FRIENDS :)

Muhammad Maududi Muhammad Sooudin . I called him Dudi :)

Muhammad Hariz Ishak . I called him Hariz :)

Nur Dianah Kamarul Bahrin . I called her Dena :)

Siti Nur Bahirah Abdul Razak . I called her Iera :)

Nur Fatinah Hasri . I called her Tina :)

Nor Haziqah Abdullah . I called her Ziqah :)

Dudi , Hariz , Dena , Iera , Tina and Ziqah . I love you all sooo much ! I don't know how to describe how much i love you . It can't be describe by words . You always be my side whether my up's and down's , you gave me a lot of strength , you gave me a lot of cuddle words . Babes ! I love how you all make me feel safe . I always felt
safe when you were around . I love your hugs and the way your eyes light up when I tell you something crazy . I love the way all of you piss me off and get underneath my skin . I love the way you challenge me , the way you think with me , and I love your compassion . I love our unspoken bond , our incredible closeness that doesn't fade no matter how long I stay away from all of you . You are the other half of me in ways I can't even explain , and it's always been that way , hasn't it ? You are my soulmates . We are like magnets .
At times we are inseperable . Stuck together . Other times , we are polar opposites . And yet , I love that , too . You all may think I don't notice these things , or appreciate these things , but I do . Remember what I said ? "I'm here , aren't I ?" I stand by that . No matter what happens , I'll always be here with all of you .

FRIENDSHIP . I hope I could be good to everyone ,
turns out the opposite . I do love my friends , 
still , I keep them at distance . Friends , if you 
do notice , you would agree with me . And this is
to love all of you too much , only to find that 
one day , I , myself , would walk out of your life and
vice versa , that would definitely be excruciating .
People leave , don't they ? But above all , I do 
love you . So , that's it :)

Notakaki : Mereka ini adalah KESAYANGAN saya . Mereka ada Facebook , so what ? Stalkers , please , i just want to say , if you adding them just to full your friend list or to have a look on their picture , i think better you back off !

keys off ~ :)